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History of Santhan

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Our Founder Patron, Shri Ram Bilas Chaudhary Passes Away: 25 Jan 08

The new year started on a sad note when Shri Ram Bilas Chaudhary, the founder patron of the Sansthan, left for his heavenly abode on 25 Jan 08. Shri Chaudhary was not only one of the guiding spirits behind the founding of the Sansthan, he was actively associated with the day to day activities of the Sansthan from right since its inception and was deeply devoted to the Sansthan’s cause of service to the humanity. Born on 12 Jan 1925, even at an age of eighty plus, Shri Chaudhary displayed tremendous youthful energy in all his works.  A humble man to the core and ever ready to help out people in distress, he was an inspiration to all the younger members of the Sansthan by the dint of his extraordinary zeal, dynamism and never-say- die approach to all problems and issues. His contribution to the founding and smooth running of the Sansthan will be remembered for many years to come. Shri Chaudhary leaves behind a void which is very difficult to fill. May his noble soul rest in eternal peace!

Holi Milan Function: 23 Mar 08

Holi 'milan' function was held at the Sansthan premises on the evening of 23 Mar 08 to enable all members of the Sansthan and their families to greet each other on the auspicious occasion of Holi. An enthralling cultural programme was also organized on the occasion by school children. Justice Prem Shankar Gupt and Justice Girdhar Malviya and other distinguished invitees attended the function.

Fifth 17 Days Advanced Level Residential Training, Allahabad: 15-31 Jul 08.

The fifth advanced level 17 days residential training course was conducted by the Sansthan at Kunj Bihari Dharmshala, Allahabad from 15 to 31 Jul 08. 84 trainees from 15 states including few local students were enrolled. Out station students were accommodated at this dharmshala. Training was inaugurated by Justice Prem Shankar Gupt on 15 Jul 08. Justice Girdhar Malaviya was the guest of honour at the inaugural function. Sansthan’s web site was launched by Justice Prem Shankar Gupt on this occasion. Sansthan’s vice president (general), Shri Shyam Sundar Saraf was the chief coordinator. Classes were conducted by a team of 15 lecturers from the Sansthan including Sansthan’s president Shri Mata Prasad Khemka and senior vice president Shri J.P. Agarwal. A cultural programme was presented by the students on the evening of 27 Jul 08. All trainees were taken on a sight sighing tour of local places on the same day.

A view of trainees taking oath at the opening
ceremony of 17-day residential training: 15 Jul 08


Trainees of advanced level 17-day residential training: 15-31 Jul 08 along with Sansthan officials

Launching of Sansthan’s Web Site: 15 Jul 08

15 Jul 08 marked an important mile stone in the history of the Sansthan as it was on this day that the Sansthan’s web site was launched. The web site was launched by Justice Prem Shankar Gupt during the inaugural function of the 17 days residential training course held at Kunj Bihari Dharmshala, Allahabad. The work on this web site was carried out by a four-member Sansthan team headed by Col V.K. Chowdhury (Retd) and comprising Ms. Archana Dubey, Shri Alok Kamalia and Shri Pankaj Tripathi. The web site is a highly informative and instructive document comprising over 400 pages of material. The details of the web site were presented to the august gathering at the launch ceremony by Col V. K. Chowdhury (Retd).


Col V. K. Chowdhury (Retd) welcoming the august
gathering at launch function of the Sansthan web site
The screen displaying successful
launch of the website
A view of the distinguished guests
seated on dias

Ayurvedic and Chinese Acupressure Advance Training at Allahabad: 15-19 Aug 08. 

Ayurvedic and Chinese acupressure advance training was conducted by the Sansthan at Rajarshi Purushottam Das Tandon Mandapam hall, Allahabad from 15 to 19 Aug 08. The training was inaugurated by Shri Rajen Harshe, vice chancellor, Allahabad University. The book ‘Jin Sin Do’ written by Sansthan’s vice president (hospital) Shri S.C.D. Goel was released on this occasion. Classes were conducted by senior lecturers of the Sansthan including Sansthan’s president Shri Mata Prasad Khemka, senior vice president Shri J.P. Agarwal, Dr. G. C. Agarwal, Shri M.B. Tripathi and Shri A.K. Dwivedi. Shri M.K. Midha was the chief coordinator. The highlight of the training was the classes on the principles of tonification/sedation by Sansthan’s president Shri Mata Prasad Khemka. 281 trainees attended.

Tenth National Acupressure Conference cum Super Advance Training at Allahabad: 21-27 Dec 08 

Tenth national acupressure conference cum super advance training was organized at Allahabad from 21 to 27 Dec 08 at Rajarshi Purushottam Das Tandon Mandapam hall. Shri K. C. Goel coordinated the event. 497 delegates/trainees attended. Shri D. N. Dubey, Commissioner Allahabad Division was the chief guest at the opening ceremony. Justice Prem Shankar Gupt presided over the function. Justice Girdhar Malviya and Shri P. K. Srivastava, General Manager Telephones, Allahabad were the guests of honour at the occasion.

Four books written by various authors were released on the occasion. These books were:

  1.   ‘A treatise on Advance Acupuncture/Acupressure Part XVI – Advanced Fundamentals of Chinese Acupressure’ and ‘Acupressure/Acupuncture - One Point Treatment, Part II’, both authored by Sansthan’s president Shri Mata Prasad Khemka.
  2.  ‘Parikshan - Kab, Kya, Kyon, Kaise, Kahan, Part II’ by Dr. G. C. Agrawal, M.D.
  3. Depression by Sansthan’s vice president (general) Shri Shyam Sundar Saraf.   

 A number of research papers were read out at the conference. Shri M. P. Khemka, Shri J.P. Agarwal, Shri M.B. Tripathi and Shri A.K. Dwivedi conducted the training classes. The main highlight of the training was treatment of practically most of the diseases through treatment of arteries and veins using the principles of Ayurvedic acupressure.

A view of participants at the Tenth National Conference taking oath of service to humanity Shri D. N. Dubey IAS, Commissioner Allahabad Division addressing the august gathering

A view of the distinguished guests at the opening Ceremony of Tenth National Conference Cum Commissioner, Allahabad Division
‘Treatise XVI’ written By Shri M. P. Khemka being released by Shri D. N. Dubey, IAS  Advance Training – Dec 08

Justice Girdhar Malviya releasing the book ‘One Point Treatment, Part II’ by Shri M. P. Khemka Justice Prem Shankar Gupt releasing the book Parikshan - Kab, Kya, Kyon, Kahan, Part II by Dr. G. C. Agrawal, M.D.

Shri P. K. Srivastava, GMT Telephones, Allahabad
releasing the book ‘Depression’ by Shri S. S. Saraf

Basic Training at Allahabad during 2008 

During the year, nine five-day basic training programmes in Chinese/Ayurvedic acupressure were conducted by the Sansthan. 

Outstation Training Camps during 2008

During the year, training camps were organized by the Sansthan at Gurgaon, New Delhi, Kolkota, Bareilly, Ahmedabad, Indore, Muzaffarpur and Ayodhya.           

Free Treatment Camps during 2008

A free treatment camp was organized by the Sansthan during the year at New Delhi. Two such camps were organized locally at Allahabad in addition to the seven treatment camps at the annual Magh Mela. Treatment cum awareness camps were organized at New Delhi, Rishikesh (Parmarth Niketan) and Nainital. Two awareness programmes were conducted at Faizabad and Varanasi. Three such programmes were conducted at local schools/colleges at Allahabad.


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