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History of Santhan

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Free Treatment Camp at Maha Kumbh Mela, Sangam, Allahabad: 8 Jan-9 Feb 01

Maha Kumbh religious mela that is held once in 12 years, is the biggest congregation of humanity anywhere on earth. More than 50 million people from all over the country and abroad take a dip in the holy Ganges River during the month long event. The Sansthan was indeed fortunate in serving this vast sea of humanity that gathered at the mela site and established a series of free treatment camps at the mela for this purpose. A total of six free treatment camps were established under the able leadership of Sansthan’s vice president  (treatment) Shri M.K. Midha. He was ably assisted by Shri Satya Narain Nawalgharia who looked after the complete supply chain of acupressure instruments and their accounting. Details of the camps are as follows:

  • Maruti Shri Ram Baba Seva Trust (London) Camp. A fully residential treatment camp was established within the premises of Maruti Baba’s camp, courtesy Baba. Baba was very gracious in providing complete boarding and lodging to the Sansthan’s therapists and other staff. This camp functioned as the Sansthan’s main camp at the mela. Shri Siya Pratap Singh took charge of this free treatment camp. He was assisted by a team of over 20 therapists and support staff. Ms. Vinod Agarwal (buaji) assisted in the camp administration. The Camp’s books and equipment stall was manned by Col V.K. Chowdhury, assisted by Shri Pankaj Kesarwani. Acupressure awareness training classes were held at this main camp daily in the evenings for spreading knowledge of the therapy amongst the mela visitors.
  • Mela Administration Allotted Sansthan’s Camp. This camp site was allotted to the Sansthan by the mela administration in Sector 1 and was ably looked after by Shri S.C.D. Goel, Sansthan’s vice president (publications) and his team. An acupressure exhibition was also organized at this camp. Shri A.K. Dwivedi looked after the camp administration and exhibition.
  • Shri Parmarth Niketan Camp. Over 10 therapists led by Shri K.C. Goel, Sansthan’s vice president (general) provided their services at this camp located at Sector 6.
  • Shri Santosh Das Udasin Camp. An 11-member team led by Shri M.G. Mishra and Shri Jaipal Das provided their services at this camp located in Sector 7.
  • Shri Parakh Kabir Sansthan Camp. Over 12 therapists provided their services at this camp located in Sector 8. Boarding and lodging was made available to the therapists at this camp.
  • Utthan Satat Garibi Unmulan Sansthan Camp. Over 10 therapists led by Shri Anand Srivastava provided their services at this camp located in Sector 7.

Treatment was carried out at all the camps daily for a period of seven hours or more. All together about 50,000 patients were treated at these six camps during the course of the mela. Overall more than 150 therapists and support staff were involved in providing service during the camp. The therapists came not only from Allahabad but also from far off places such as Lucknow, Kanpur, Bhopal, Ganganagar, Mirzapur, Bhadohi, Fatehpur and Bharwari. Shri S. P. Goyal, Sansthan’s general secretary assisted by the head office staff provided back end support to ensure that all the requirements were met.

Sansthan’s president Shri Mata Prasad Khemka and senior vice president Shri J.P. Agarwal visited the mela camps often and provided their blessings and valuable advice in treatment of complex cases. They also took opportunity to render their own services to the patients on numerous occasions.

The Sansthan was indeed fortunate in that its therapists got the opportunity to treat some of the great saints congregated at the mela including the holy Shankaracharya, Sant Asaram Bapu, Swami Pragyanand Sarswati, Swami Chidanand Sarswati (muniji) and Sant Shri Maruti Ram Baba.

The finance minister UP government, Shri Harish Chand Srivastava and Director General Health UP also visited the Sansthan’s camps and boosted the morale of the therapists.

Basic Training Camp at Allahabad: 8-12 Apr 01.

 A basic training camp was organized at Allahabad from 8 to 12 Apr 01. Shri Manoj Kumar Agarwal was the chief coordinator of this camp. The Sansthan’s president Shri Mata Prasad Khemka, senior vice president Shri J.P. Agarwal along with a team of lecturers and practical trainers provided training. 579 trainees attended the camp. Boarding and lodging was organized for out station trainees at Marwari and Maheshwari 'dharmshalas'.

Academy Marches on

The first batch of the Sansthan’s Academy passed out in Apr 01 after completing the six-month’s basic course. 60 students out of 120 from this batch were selected to undergo a further advance course which commenced on 12 May 01. Simultaneously, the second batch of basic course commenced on the same date with a total strength of 180 students, grouped in three sections of 60 students each.

New Course at the Academy

A new course was started by the Academy in Jun 01 to impart pre basic training. The course was to be of a month’s duration to be run on first four Sundays of every month. The course was for the benefit of office goers and others who could not spare time on weekdays to attend any of Sansthan’s training. 65 students were enrolled in the first batch.

Advanced Training Camp at Allahabad: 11 to 16 Aug 01

An advanced training in ‘Electro Acupuncture According to Dr Voll’ was conducted by the Sansthan at Rajshri Purushottam Das Tandon Mandapam hall, Allahabad from 11 to 16 Aug 01. This training was conducted for the first time by the Sansthan. 585 students attended the training. Classes were taken by Shri Mata Prasad Khemka, Shri J.P. Agarwal , Dr. G.C. Agarwal, Ms. Parul Agarwal and Shri M.B. Tripathi

New Course at the Academy

A new pre basic course part II was commenced in the month of Nov 01 as an extension of part I for slightly higher learning and to be run on Sundays on the same pattern. 58 students of part I enrolled for part II of the course.

Academy Spreads its Wings at Out Stations

The Sansthan’s Academy established a wing at Upkar Karoti Acupressure Upchar Kendra, Lucknow on 9 Dec 01. 60 students were enrolled in the first batch of six months basic course. Classes were to be held once a week on every Sunday. It was decided to send two lecturers from the Sansthan at Allahabad to Lucknow every week to conduct these Sunday classes.

Out Station Duties by the Sansthan’s Therapists

On demand from out station affiliate treatment centers, it was decided to send Sansthan’s expert therapists to these centers on as required basis so as to enable them to stand on their own feet in due course. Accordingly two therapists each were sent out to Vivek Vihar center at Delhi, Upkar Karoti center at Lucknow and to Bareilly and Bhadohi on a weekly rotating basis during the year.

Establishment of Treatment Centers During the Year 2001

During the year, following additional affiliate acupressure treatment centers were established:
  • Shri Balaji Acupressure Upchar Kendra, Vivek Vihar Phase I, New Delhi. Chief coordinator Shri Sanjay Kumar Aneja. Chief therapist Shri Prithviraj Makhwar.
  • Shri Jai Bhagwan Acupressure Upchar Kendra, Adipur, Gujrat. Chief coordinator & chief therapist Dr. Mohan Bharati.
  • Bharat Relief Society Acupressure Upchar Kendra, 42 Zakaria Street, Kolkota. Chief therapist Ms. Pumpa Khanna. Chief coordinator Shri Dinesh Seth.
  • Nagrik Swasthya Seva Sangh Acupressure Upchar Kendra, 8 Shobharam Baishakh Street, Kolkota. This institution set up three treatment centers at various locations in Kolkota.

Third National Acupressure Conference cum Super Advance Training at Allahabad: 22-27 Dec 01

Third national acupressure conference cum super advance training was organized at Allahabad from 22 to 27 Dec 01 at Rajshri Purushottam Das Tandon Mandapam hall. 582 delegates from all over the country attended. 16 delegates read their research papers during the conference on the first day. Remaining five days were devoted to super advanced training during which specialized subjects such as joint therapy, extra ordinary vessels, EAV, etc were covered.

Distinguished guests seated on the dais during the inaugural function of third national conference - Dec 01

Free Treatment/Acupressure Awareness Camps during the Year.

Free treatment cum acupressure awareness camps were organized by the Sansthan during the year at Bareilly, Rishikesh (Parmarth Niketan), New Delhi, Adipur (Kutch, Gujarat), Bamrauli (Allahabad), CDA Pensions office (Allahabad), Noida, Kolkota and Bhadohi. A free treatment camp was organized at Faridabad and an awareness programme was conducted at Jhusi (Allahabad).

Training Camps during the Year.

Training camps were organized by the Sansthan during the year at Lucknow, Raipur, Kolkata and Raipur.

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