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History of Santhan

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Free Treatment Camp at Parmarth Niketan, Risikesh: Jun 99

A 12-member team under the leadership of Shri K.C. Goyal visited Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh on the invitation of Muniji, chief administrator of the ashram. The team provided free acupressure treatment to the visitors of the ashram for ten days. The team also conducted acupressure awareness training program for the benefit of the ashram’s inmates and the visitors.

Free Treatment Camps at Sant Asaram Bapu Ashram, Ahmedabad: Jun & Jul 99

 A treatment team led by Ms. Neeru Tripathi of Lucknow center was sent out to provide free acupressure treatment at Sant Asaram Bapu Ashram, Ahmedabad from 26-29 Jun 99 and again from 25-30 Jul 99 on the invitation of Bapu. Bapu was so impressed by the selfless service of the team and effectiveness of acupressure treatment that he personally rang up the Sansthan’s president Shri Mata Prasad Khemka and blessed the Sansthan.

Acupressure Training Camp & Establishment of Treatment Centers at Lucknow

A training team led by the Sansthan’s president Shri M. P. Khemka, senior vice president Shri J.P.Agrawal and senior therapist Shri M.K.Midha went out to Lucknow during the year and imparted acupressure knowledge to about 250 trainees. The training was soon followed by establishment of two affiliate treatment centers at Alambagh and Rajaji Puram localities of Lucknow under the administration of Ms. Neeru Tripathi and Shri H.C.Srivastava.

Establishment of Acupressure Treatment Center & Organization of Training Camp at Kabir Ashram, Pritam Nagar, Allahabad

An affiliate treatment center was established at Kabir Ashram, Allahabad on 9 Jan 99. Thereafter, an acupressure training camp was organized at the same site from 18 to 23 Aug 99 and attended by about 300 trainees.

Establishment of Acupressure Training Center at Sultanpur: Jul 99

An affiliate treatment center was established at Sultanpur in Jul 99 under the guidance of Shri R.D.Pandey. It was also decided to send a team of acupressure specialists from the Sansthan to this center twice a month to give an impetus to the flagging center.

Establishment of Acupressure Treatment Center at Narain Ashram, Allahabad

The Sansthan opened an acupressure treatment center in a part of the grand Narain Ashram hospital at Teliarganj, Allahabad during the year. The Sansthan’s president, Shri M.P.Khemka was included in the board of directors of this hospital.

The Arrival of an Intellectual Giant: Dr. G.C.Agarwala, M.D. Joins in

Dr. G.C. Agarwala, M.D.

Dr.G.C. Agarwala, M.D., the erudite associate professor and head of department of physiology, Moti Lal Nehru Medical College, Allahabad joining the Sansthan, marked the year. Dr. Agrawal was so moved by the devoted and selfless service of the members of the Sansthan that he decided to be a part of it. He brought along with him a rich and vast storehouse of knowledge and experience of over 30 years of teaching to medical students.

The joining in of Dr. Agrawal immediately saw a qualitative change in the Sansthan’s research activities. Dr. Agrawal also took upon himself the onerous task of enlightening the members of the Sansthan with the vital knowledge of anatomy and physiology, to fill a missing link in the members’ education.

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