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History of Santhan

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Sixth Acupressure Training Camp: 28 Feb 98 & Visit of Dr. Devendra Vohra

The sixth acupressure training camp was organized by the Sansthan on 28 Feb 1998 and attended by an ever increasing number of 500 trainees. The Sansthan was fortunate in having its mentor Dr. Devendra Vora grace the camp once again and give the benefit of his vast knowledge and experience to the trainees.

A hearty welcome to Dr. Devendra Vora during his second visit to Allahabad - 28 Feb 98. Dr. Vora seated on the dais flanked from Left to Right by Shri J. P. Agrawal, Shri M.P. Khemka and Justice Prem Shankar Gupt
Dr. Devendra Vora delivering lecture during the sixth acupressure training camp Feb 98
Dr. Devendra Vora demonstrating the use of solar pump. Flanking Dr. Vora from Left to Right – Shri J. P. Agrawal, Shri M. P. Khemka and Shri S. P. Goyal

Civic Reception to Shri Ram Bilas Chaudhary

Shri Ram Bilas Chaudhary, one of the Sansthan’s founding fathers, patron and a devoted and elderly member was given a civic reception on this occasion in recognition of his contribution and services to the Sansthan.

The Christening of the New Born: 4 Apr 98

The Sansthan had started off as an informal group of men and women with a noble purpose in its heart. But then a need was felt to give it a formal shape so that legal and other matters could be taken care of. Accordingly, a trust was formed with five founder trustees and registered at Allahabad on 4 Apr1998. Acupressure Research, Training and Treatment Sansthan thus formally came into existence and its founder office bearers were chosen from amongst the founder trustees. Shri Mata Prasad Khemka was unanimously chosen as the Sansthan’s founder president and Shri Jagdish Prasad Agrawal as the founder vice president. Shri Satya Prakash Goyal, a devoted and conscientious worker, became the founder general secretary. Shri Shyam Sunder Saraf and Shri Ram Bilas Chaudhary were the other founding members and trustees.

Shri Mata Prasad Khemka, founder president & founder trustee

Shri Jagdish Prasad Agrawal, founder vice president & founder trustee Shri Satya Prakash Goyal, founder general secretary & founder trustee Shri Shyam Sundar Saraf, founder member & founder trustee

Shri Ram Bilas Chaudhary, founder member & founder trustee

Group photograph of senior Sansthan officials and other members

Amongst the first decision taken by the newly formed body was that the Sansthan would not accept any donation what so ever in cash or kind from any quarter. Funds for upkeep of the Sansthan were to be generated through training camps to be organized by the Sansthan at various places in the country and by sale of books, which the Sansthan members decided to write. It was decided to charge the trainees minimal fees for all the Sansthan’s training courses so that the same could be afforded easily by one and all. The Sansthan’s objective of providing free acupressure treatment to all irrespective of a person’s means was reiterated. The Sansthan’s founding members resolved not to accept any remuneration from the Sansthan in any form. They also pledged to forego royalty on the sale of books to be authored by them in the future.

Seventh Acupressure & Sujok Training Camps: 14-21 Aug 98 & 22-29 Aug 98

The seventh training camp was organized from 14 to19 Aug 1998 and was attended by about 450 trainees. Shri M.P.Khemka, Shri J.P.Agrawal and Prof Hari Gopal Das were the trainers at this camp. This camp was followed by Sujok acupressure training camp conducted from 22 to 29 Aug 1998. Dr. Suman Motilal Shah, our Sujok mentor and guide was the main trainer at this camp.

A view of the dais during the inaugural function of
seventh acupressure training camp - Aug 98


  Justice Prem Shankar Gupt addressing
the audience at the seventh acupressure
             training camp - Aug 98
Shri M. P. Khemka delivering lecture at the seventh
acupressure training camp

Shri J. P. Agrawal delivering lecture at the
seventh acupressure training camp
Prof. Hari Gopal Das delivering 
                 lecture at the seventh
              acupressure training camp

       Trainees of the seventh acupressure training camp – Aug 98 offering
         floral tributes to the lecturers, Shri M. P. Khemka and
            Shri J. P. Agrawal at the closing function









 A view of the dais during the inaugural function of
Sujok training camp from 22 to 29 Aug 98

                 Dr. Suman Motilal Shah
                delivering lecture at the
                   Sujok training camp    


Prof Park Jae Woo Visits Allahabad: Sujok Training Camp Dec 98

December 1998 was a very important month in the history of the Sansthan. During this month Prof. Park Jae Woo, the great thinker, philosopher and inventor of Sujok acupuncture/acupressure & Onnuri medicine, came down to Allahabad from Moscow on the invitation of the Sansthan to impart Sujok/Onnuri training. Prof. Park was accompanied by Dr. Lovacheva Margareta from Moscow to assist him in imparting the training. Prof. Park was given a civic reception on this occasion by the mayor of Allahabad, Smt. Rita Bahuguna Joshi in the presence of a large number of distinguished guests and trainees. Prof. Park imparted knowledge of Sujok acupuncture/acupressure and Onnuri medicine to about 360 trainees.

During the course of the training, Prof. Park graciously announced the grant of affiliation to the Sansthan with International Sujok Academy, Moscow of which he was the president. He also appointed the Sansthan president Shri M.P.Khemka, senior vice president Shri J.P.Agrawal and senior therapist Ms. Parul Agrawal as honorary faculty members of the Moscow based academy.

Distinguished guests seated on the dais during the inaugural/welcome function at Sujok training camp Dec 98. Prof. Park Jae Woo is seated fourth from the Right

Mayor of Allahabad, Smt. Rita Bahuguna Joshi
according civic reception to Prof. Park Jae Woo during
the inaugural function at Sujok training camp Dec 98
Prof. Park Jae Woo delivering lecture at  Sujok training camp Dec 98
Trainees at the Sujok training camp Dec 98 offering floral tributes to Prof. Park Jae Woo & his assistant Dr. Lovacheva Margareta at the end of the training
 Prof. Park Jae Woo & Dr. Lovacheva Margareta flanked by Sansthan’s president Shri M. P. Khemka on the Left & Dr. Suman Motilal Shah on the Right along with some of the trainees & members of the Sansthan

Training at Outstations

The Sansthan took a decision to send out training teams to various out stations to spread knowledge of the therapy. Teams were sent out to Kolkota, Lucknow and Jamshedpur during this year .

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