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Our Acupressure Voyage

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1.    26 Mar 95. A group of seven dedicated volunteers provide free reflexology treatment to 12 patients in a borrowed room at Marwari Dharmshala, Allahabad, thus sowing the seeds of a mass movement to provide free acupressure treatment across the length and breadth of India. More than 20 lacs patients treated to date.

2.    Jan 96. Sansthan organizes first acupressure training camp at Allahabad. More than one lac trainees provided acupressure training at Allahabad and outstations to date.

3.    Mar 96. Sansthan adopts Sujok Acupressure propounded by Pro Park Jae Woo.

4.    1996.  Sansthan establishes three more local acupressure treatment centres. More than 100 treatment centers established in India to date.

5.    1996. Sansthan decides to publish its own books to make available acupressure literature in the country at affordable prices. More than 65 books published so far.

6.    1996. Sansthan establishes a full fledged library of professional and rare books.

7.    4 Apr 98. Sansthan formalizes its existence by forming a trust and registering the same. Acupressure Research, Training and Treatment Sansthan is born.

8.    Dec 98. First national acupressure conference cum super advance training conducted at Allahabad. Has become a regular yearly feature since then. 500 – 600 delegates from the country attend the event.

9.    2 Jul 2000. Acupressure / Acupuncture Saraswati, India’s first acupressure journal (quarterly) is released.

10.  15 Aug 2000. Sansthan establishes Indian academy of Acupressure at Allahabad. More than 100 courses conducted by the academy to date.

11.   27 Mar 02. Sansthan establishes Acupressure Research Centre and Hospital at Allahabad, India’s first, in its own premises. About 250 to 300 patients avail free acupressure treatment daily.

12.   Dec 03. Sansthan puts forward the details of ayurvedic acupressure, the path breaking invention of Shri J. P. Agarwal, in the yearly national conference.   

13.   Jul 04. First advance level 17 days residential acupressure course conducted at Allahabad. An annual/bi-annual feature since then.

14.   31 Jul 2009. Sansthan’s training wing registers as NGO in the name of Academy of Naturopathy (Acupressure). Aim of NGO to work for the development of acupressure therapy through education.

15.   2 -12 Apr 13. First teaching classes in the form of an 11 day advanced residential training in Chinese acupressure held at sansthan's newly constructed Acupressure Takshashila at Chhatnag, Allahabad.

16.   15 Jul 14. First full time university module in the form of a residential six months certificate course in Acupressure Healing (CAHS) commenced at Acupressure Takshashila, Allahabad. Course programme affiliated to Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar


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