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Acupressure Research, Training and Treatment Sansthan was founded at Allahabad, India on 26 Mar 1995 as an organization of selfless volunteers with the main objective of serving humanity through free acupressure treatment to the sick and the ailing. The Sansthan had a humble beginning and started off on a modest scale with a group of seven volunteer men treating 12 patients free of cost in a borrowed building. The sapling planted in the year 1995 has today become a banyan tree and the small Allahabad group of seven has turned into a large country wide cohesive group of countless thousands. As the name of the Sansthan suggests, it is also very actively involved in research and training activities pertaining to acupressure therapy.

In the formative days of the Sansthan, the treatment centred purely around the simplistic Reflexology, a branch of acupressure wherein treatment was given with the help of just 38 points located on the palms. After a few months of Reflexology treatment, a necessity was felt to widen the scope of treatment and Traditional Chinese Treatment (TCM) using classical whole body acupressure points was adopted. Around Mar 1996, Sujok acupressure, an invention of Prof. Park Jae Woo of Korea, was adopted by the Sansthan wherein Chinese acupressure treatment could be carried out on the hands and the feet instead of the whole body using the principal of Correspondence enunciated by Prof Park.

Treatment was given using seeds and small sized needles but subsequently the needles were replaced with micro magnets as they were found equally effective. Onnuri medicine including concepts such as regional diagnosis, tri-origin, eight-origin, six qi, etc propagated by Prof Park were also adopted. With the introduction of Sujok acupressure, Reflexology got discontinued at the Sansthan. Subsequently, Yogic acupressure and a modified version of Electro Acupuncture According to Voll (EAV) using seeds and micro magnets instead of electrodes was also incorporated in Sansthan's treatments.

Around mid 2003, Shri J. P. Agrawal of the Sansthan came out with a path breaking research in an entirely new field, namely, Ayurvedic acupressure based mainly on study of ten basic elements as given in the ancient Indian ayurvedic text of 'Charak Sanhita'. This research has revolutionized acupressure treatment through discovery of simple and extremely effective remedy to a vast number of diseases including intractable diseases such as cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, kidney failure, tuberculosis, spinal nerve disorders covering early degeneration, osteophytes, and changes in various spinal segments, disc prolapse, Pott spine, cerebral atrophy, paralysis due to infarction in brain segments, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, mental retardedness, mania, depression, blood disorders such as anemia, deficiency of hemoglobin, RBC, platelettes, etc.

It has now become possible to completely cure diseases such as trigeminal neuralgia, blockage of coronary artery, etc. without surgery, through ayurvedic acupressure treatment. Ayurvedic acupressure has proved to be an improvement over tri-origin and eight-origin based concepts and these got gradually discontinued at the Sansthan.

Over a period of time, the Sansthan has established more than 100 affiliate treatment centers across the length and breadth of India for providing free acupressure treatment. The Sansthan runs an out patient hospital at Allahabad where free treatment is given by volunteer therapists in two shifts daily around the year including on Sundays and holidays. Thousands of fully/partially trained acupressure therapists are engaged in volunteer service at various treatment centres across the country.

The ultimate aim of the Sansthan is to train at least one member of each family in basic acupressure therapy so that the person can look after the health needs of him self/her self, family members, neighbours and friends. The Sansthan has established a training wing and a training academy with a view to meeting its objective. The training wing conducts short-term basic acupressure courses at Allahabad and outstations at periodic intervals. The training academies located at Allahabad and few other outstations conduct long-term advance acupressure courses. Various universities are also offering certificate/diploma/advance diploma courses in acuptessure in association with the Sansthan. Minimal fees are charged to the students for these courses so that one and all can afford the Sansthan training. 

The Sansthan is also engaged in production of acupressure related litterature and over 65 books written by the Sansthan's member-authors have been published to date. These books have been hugely popular amongst acupressure therapists and interested laymen in the country. The Sansthan regularly publishes a quarterly journal named 'Saraswati' which carries articles of interest to the acupressure community.

See Overview of Sansthan and Introduction to Acu Therapies for more details.

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