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Various universities in India are offering a number of acupressure courses in association with Acupressure Shodh, Prashikshan evam Upchar Sansthan, Allahabad. The objective of these courses is to impart basic knowledge of acupressure therapy so as to enable students to work as junior therapists in health centres or to practice therapy on one’s own.

The courses are conducted in the form of distance learning and regular classes. At present, certificates/diplomas/advance diplomas/bachelor degrees are being provided by universities concerned. Provision for providing study material, conduct of classes including practical training, taking of examinations including theory and practical, evaluation of examination copies including theory and assignment will be decided by MOU with universities concerned.

Presently, acupressure courses are being offered by following universities:

  1. Gujarat Ayurved University , Jamnagar
  2. Uttarakhand Open University, Dehradun.
  3. There is no age bar for admission to any acupressure course in any university.
Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar

Presently, the university is offering full time six months residential certificate course in Acupressure Healing Science. The course is conducted at Allahabad under the aegis of Acupressure Shodh, Prashikshan Evam Upchar Sansthan, Allahabad:
For details, see Acupressure Courses: Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar

Uttarakhand Open University, Dehradun

The university is conducting two courses in distance mode through Uttaranchal Institute of Acupressure and Alternative Medicine, Dehradun as follows with technical help of Acupressure Shodh, Prashikshan Evam Upchar Sansthan, Allahabad:
  1. Certificate in Acupressure of six months duration (one semester).
  2. Diploma in Acupressure of one year duration (two semesters).

For details, see Acupressure Courses: Uttarakhand University







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