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Certificate Course in Acupressure Healing Sciences (CAAHS)


This is a regular residential course. The course is aimed to create trained acupressure therapists who can treat the society in efficient and ethical manner under the guidance of a physician. The persons opting for this course are expected to learn the basics of acupressure. On successfully completing this level of study, one would develop skills in diagnosing and treating common and acute diseases like cervical spondylitis, joints pain, tonsillitis, constipation, headache, low backache, etc. The candidates can then work as acupressure therapists in an acupressure centres, naturopathy centres, mind-body-soul centres, spas, health home sanitoriums, etc under the supervision of physician or as an independent acupressure therapist as per the prescription of the physician.

Admission Eligibility
: 10th passed.

Duration                    : 6 months (24 weeks – approximately 800 hours).

Medium                     : Hindi, regional language and/or English.

Subject - Marks - Teaching Hours:

  Course Name Marks Teaching Hours
Theory Practical Total Theory Practical Total
1. Anatomy Physiology  100  50  150 100 50 150
2. Acupressure - 1  150  50  200 150 100 250
3. Acupressure - 2  150  50  200 150 100 250
  Total  400  150  500 400 250 650

Teaching Hours:

  • Total Days: 180-26 Sundays-26 Saturday(Half Days-13)-6 Public Holidays=135 Working Days. 135 working days=810 working hours(6 hours per day).
  • 650 Teaching hours + 95 Training hours + 9 days Exam(55 hours)= 810 hours.

  • Every student shall require to fulfill minimum 75% of presence separately in each subject in theory and practical separately and 90% of the training period for being eligible to appear in the examination.

Fee Structure:

Tuition Fee 16,000
Form Fee at one time only in  the course 400
Hostel charges including food and lodging.(only for those who opt for hostel). 24,000
Exam Fees 1,000


Note: Application Form may be downloaded and sent to Sansthan by post. Application Form


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