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Our Training Programmes

a) Awareness – free of cost , one hour, covering first-aid acupoints , day to day ailments and treatment , use of colours, seeds as self help therapy. 
b) Basic – at a reasonable cost ( 1500/-) with course books, 15 hours, covering in phases each of  (1) Chinese acupressure (2) Ayurvedic Acupressure ; developing the student to be capable of understanding fundamentals of Acutherapy, and able to apply points for common disorders. 
c) Advance – at a reasonable cost ( 1500/-) with course books, 15 hours, covering on various topics as on demand and based on Books( approx 90)  of both the branches ( Chinese and Ayurvedic). This helps the students upgrade themselves to diagnose and treat in a much more efficient mannar.
d) Residential – at a reasonable cost ( 6500/-) with course books , 50 hours approx in 7 days, covering in 3 phases each (1) Chinese Acupressure (2) Ayurvedic Acupressure (3) Electro and Yogic Acupressure . This is an exhaustive course covering all the material developed in each field , and making the acutherapists, fully updated and upgraded with the techniques. 
e) National Conference and Super Advance – at a reasonable cost ( 3000/-) only at Allahabad once a year for 5 days. It covers the latest research and developments carried out throughout the year by ASPEUS. 
f) Correspondence Course –(distant learning- 72hrs) by currently over 50 centres all over the country. Subjects –Certificate (6moths) , Diploma (1 yr), Advance Diploma (2 yrs)  in Acupressure and other healing sciences. Fee 7000/- per sem. This course has an eligibility of 10+ and 12+ for students to take this acutherapy as self employment oriented subject. 

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