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Acupressure Research, Training and Treatment Sansthan, Allahabad has taken upon itself the gigantic task of spreading acupressure therapy to each and every part of the country by training at least one member of each family in the basics of the therapy. In addition, the Sansthan is committed to produce maximum number of highly trained acupressure professionals who will act as nucleus to further the aims and objectives of the Sansthan.

With this grand aim in view, the Sansthan is conducting a number of training programmes at different levels in the form of a movement. The details of various training programmes conducted by the Sansthan are given below.

Acupressure Awareness Training Programmes

Acupressure awareness training programmes of generally two to three hours duration are frequently organized by the Sansthan at its initiative and upon request by various organizations. As the name suggests, these programmes aim to make the masses aware of the far reaching benefits of acupressure therapy and which is practically cost free and devoid of side effects. Rudimentary knowledge of the therapy is imparted during these programmes.

Such programmes are conducted through out the year at various rural and urban areas across the country. These are generally organized at the premises of schools and colleges, government offices, public and private sectors companies, social organizations, clubs, etc. During these training programmes, free treatment is also generally provided to the patients. Conversely, whenever free outstation treatment camps are organized by the Sansthan, awareness programmes are generally also conducted for the benefit of patients who come for treatment.

Such training camps may be organized by outstation affiliated acupressure treatment centres themselves on their initiative to further the objective of the Sansthan. In order to help them plan such an event, certain guidelines have been laid down by the Sansthan and which the affiliated centres are expected to adhere.

Organizations desirous for the Sansthan to conduct these programmes at their locations may contact Shri S. S. Saraf, Sansthan Vice President (General) (Mob. 9305078930). Also see Contact Us.

Basic Training Programmes at Allahabad

Basic training of Chinese and ayurvedic acupressure of 3 days duration each are conducted alternately every month. The aim of the training is to make the trainees conversant with basic acupressure procedures and equip them to carry out acupressure treatment of minor diseases. 

For details of syllabus, see Training Syllabus.

For details of contact persons, see Contact Us.

Basic and Advanced Training Programmes at Outstations

Basic and advanced level training programmes of various durations are conducted by the Sansthan at outstations upon request by the organizers. Basic level training is on the same pattern as at Allahabad. Advanced level trainings in general as well as specialist topics are designed to enhance the understanding of the trainees in various subjects.

For details of training and broad syllabus, see Training Syllabus.   

For details of contact persons, see Contact Us.

Any outstation organization desirous of organizing acupressure training programmes at its location through the Sansthan is required to follow certain rules in this regard. These rules have been given at this site for information and implementation. See Rules - English / Rules - Hindi.

Residential Training Programmes

Two 11-days full time residential training programmes, one each for Chinese acupressure and ayurvedic acupressure, are organized each year in the months of Apr & Sep respectively. These courses are compressed versions of the long one-year part time course conducted by the Sansthan’s Academy. Under these programmes, comprehensive knowledge of Chinese & Ayurvedic acupressure therapies is imparted separately to the trainees (90 hours each course) to enable them to treat all types of diseases. Special emphasis is laid on practical aspects of the therapy.

Seats are limited and meant basically for out station students. Few seats are also allotted to local students. The Sansthan provides boarding and lodging to trainees on payment.

The eligibility criteria for these two courses are given below.

  • Age - minimum18 years.
  • Educational qualification - intermediate or equivalent certificate.
  • Working knowledge of Hindi & English.
  • Attendance at minimum of one basic training course conducted by the Sansthan.

For details of contact persons, see Contact Us.

National Conference cum Super Advance Training

National conference cum super advance training, a 7-day event, is organized by the Sansthan in the month of Dec every year. The first day is devoted to conference of acupressure therapists/delegates from across the country, wherein research papers are read by learned & experienced acupressure experts. Remaining six days are utilized for imparting knowledge of acupressure therapy at the highest level including dissemination of latest research carried out by the Sansthan and exhaustive practical training.

The eligibility criteria for attending the event are as follows.

  • Attendance of at least one basic acupressure training of 5 days.
  • Working knowledge of Hindi and English.
  • Age minimum 18 years.

Problems pertaining to treatments faced by the therapists working outside Allahabad are discussed and solved by the President, Director and other senior therapists of the Sansthan through treatment sessions held during the event. Honorary lecturers for imparting training to new trainees at Allahabad and outstations are also appointed during the occasion. Boarding and lodging facility is provided to outstation delegates/trainees upon payment.

The conference is inaugurated by an eminent personality each year. Distinguished personalities who have graced the occasion in the past include Shri Vishnu Kant Shastri, the then governor of U.P., Shri Murli Manohar Joshi, the then union minister of human resource development, Justice S. Rafat Alam, the then honorable chief justice of Allahabad high court, Air Marshal P. V. Naik, the then air officer commanding in chief, central air command. Judges of Allahabad high court, commissioners of Allahabad division and inspector generals police of Allahabad zone have also lent their august presence to the conference from time to time.

For details of contact persons, see Contact Us.

Long One Year Certificate Course

Long one year part time certificate courses are conducted every year by Academy of Naturopathy –Acupressure, a wing of the Sansthan. The aim of the course is to impart a thorough knowledge of all aspects of acupressure. Emphasis is given on practical aspects of training. The course is divided into two semesters of six months duration each. The first one is named as level 1 and second one as level 2.

Level 1 course commences in Jan each year and has a duration of 20 weeks. Level 2 course with a duration of 24 weeks commences in Jul. Classes are normally held on Sundays for two hours followed by practical training of half an hour.

Fee - Rs. 1500/- and Rs. 2000/- respectively for Level 1 and 2 courses.

The eligibility criteria for the course are as follows.

  • Working knowledge of Hindi / English.
  • Minimum age 18 years.
  • For Level 2 course - successful completion of Level 1 course.

For details of syllabus, see Training Syllabus.

For details of contact persons, see Contact Us.

Training Schedule at Allahabad

Schedule of training programmes for the complete year is disseminated in advance through Sansthan research magazine ‘Saraswati’ & through this web site.


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